The Do Somethings, The Children Marched

Fifty years ago today in America, thousands of African-American elementary and high school children left classrooms, went to 16th Street Baptist Church, gathered at Ingram Kelly Park, forgot fear, faced fire hoses, and met the dogs and demons of hatred on their fight for freedom.  Starting on May 2, 1963, the Children’s March moved civil … Continue reading The Do Somethings, The Children Marched

Deltas: Floating Beyond

Shrouded in secrecy since its founding in 1913, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated embraces traditions characteristic of most college-based and graduate chapter sororities throughout the United States. Delta Sigma Theta sorority is a private, nonprofit organization of college-educated women, like most sororities. They have their colors, crimson and cream, or red and white in the … Continue reading Deltas: Floating Beyond

Finding Cross-Cultural Connections versus Global Elitists

Why travel?  Often people travel for business. Most travel to discover:  adventure, unfamiliar places, history, others or themselves in others.   For many American globetrotters, overseas travel is the only true means of building cross-cultural connections. I have friends who refer to themselves as world travelers, internationalists or global nomads.  They travel the world.  They trek … Continue reading Finding Cross-Cultural Connections versus Global Elitists